Adelson, Testan, Brundo, Novell & Jimenez, a professional corporation, has just opened its Construction Defect Department, which will defend contractors and developers throughout California. The department is headed by Dan Jacobson, a veteran of construction defect defense, who is renowned for using innovative legal tactics to win construction defect cases. By expanding its operations into the construction defect arena, ATB will be able to better serve its insurance company clients and their insureds.

For most of his stellar 24-year legal career, Jacobson has defended construction defect cases. Jacobson is also an ad junct law professor, and has written thirty-three scholarly legal articles, many of which are directly about construction defect issues; others are about issues that concern civil litigations in general. Jacobson is one of the few California lawyers who has tried construction defect cases.

Jacobson’s vast construction defect experience, and his deep knowledge of cutting-edge construction defect legal issues have led to numerous victories. In scores of cases Jacobson has forced zero dollar settlements, and in other cases where the opposition would not dismiss Jacobson’s clients, Jacobson has won reimbursement of attorney fees.

Jacobson will be Of Counsel to ATB, as he leads ATB’s new construction defect unit.  Mr. Jacobson can be reached at  

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